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Future of body positivity = body neutrality + inclusivity

WHAT’S UP ⬆️: Body Inclusivity

Changing the stigma about body sizes is not a new conversation in the US. What is new is the way that brands, companies and organizations are working on evolving their definition of inclusivity.

The greater movement towards inclusivity traditionally centers around race, gender, socioeconomic status (SES), etc. Now companies are starting to recognize that body sizes are another dimension of the inclusivity movement.

What will it take to fuel momentum for the body inclusivity movement?

Torrid, a momentum master and the largest direct-to-consumer plus-size apparel brand…

Graphic by K8 Strassman

ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) strategies are no longer about compliance. ESG strategies are a momentum maker and vehicle for growth for your organization.

How? By aligning it with the 5 Drivers of momentum, most importantly DISRUPTION and SOCIAL IMPACT to get stakeholders (e.g. consumers, employees, investors, media) to think about your company differently.

WHAT’S UP ⬆️: ESG Strategies

The force keeping CEOs up at night? Momentum for ESG is on the UP again.

ESG strategies are not new but they are going through a momentum moment as they are in the midst of going through an evolution.

The Tokyo Olympics are (finally!) here! But no one seems to care…

Right about now, the summer games would typically be the most hyped event on the planet.

We are excited about everything opening back up this summer but we seem to be not excited about the Tokyo Olympics…

WHAT’S UP ⬆️: The Olympics (sort of…)

There is momentum for the Tokyo Games… but it is surprisingly flat compared to what it should be.

The Olympics are all MASS right now and no VELOCITY… which means no excitement.

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Why? It could be intentional… Do Americans feel guilty about all the…

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WHAT’S UP ⬆️: CPG + Commercialization of Space

Everyone knows we’re in the midst of a (literal) moonshot mission. But don’t be distracted by the hype around Richard Branson vs. Jeff Bezos vs. Elon Musk’s space tourism. Though if you’re an early bird, there’s still time to livestream the lift-off of Branson’s Virgin Galactic’s first fully crewed test flight.

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WHAT’S UP: Pride!

Momentum for Pride in 2021 has reached Maximum Momentum: an MFactor of 100, up from 58 in just 1 month.

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Net Net: The retail rebound is underway… but don’t call it a comeback. It is a transformation that was accelerated by COVID-19.

Retail is an industry inherently driven by momentum — retail brands must continually transform or innovate to stay relevant and profitable amidst variable economic environments and trends.

COVID-19 forced us to reimagine and reinvent retail. The brands staying on top are momentum masters: adept at challenging the status quo, taking risks, knowing who they are for, and leaning into their purpose and values.

What’s Up: Retail.

In this week’s Up & Down, we are highlighting 5 Forces coming out of quarantine that are threatening retailers and driving the transformation.

These 5 threats have been emerging throughout the pandemic and are now starting to…

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What’s Up:

Juneteenth. There is momentum for one of America’s oldest holidays as more people acknowledge and celebrate Emancipation Day.

Momentum for Juneteenth was at an MFactor of 80 at this time last year. Juneteenth was a high velocity and high mass topic as many learned of the holiday’s historic importance.

The 2020 Black Lives Matter movement was one of the catalysts for corporations, brands and individuals to recognize Juneteenth. In 2020 NYC declared Juneteenth an official city holiday and public school holiday. Brands like Estée Lauder Companies, Nike, Levi’s (and Decode_M!) recognized it as a company holiday. …

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It is no longer nostalgia — it is new-stalgia where brands and products of the past have been re-invented and re-imagined.

Brands are using the pandemic disruption as an opportunity to re-invent themselves & come back even stronger. And it is working because we’re all in a comeback state of mind — pining for the simplicity of fun & indulgence of summer. We want the comfort of the past reimagined for the future.

ON THE UP: New-Stalgia

There’s velocity for “New-stalgia” — bringing back old trends with a twist and making them relevant for new audiences. This trend is gaining traction by hearkening back…

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Timothy Leary got two parts of it right when he said “turn on, tune in and drop out”.

This year’s Mental Health Awareness Month is giving way to a new wave of momentum for mental health, alternative medicines & mushrooms.

As the full reopening rolls out, preparations are in place for the next big disruption: going back to work, school, traveling, and socializing. The work that still needs to be done? Getting people mentally prepared.

One of the main pushes of this year’s Mental Health Awareness Month? The healthcare community is focused on getting people mentally prepared to deal with…

Graphic by K8 Strassman

Momentum for “crypto curious” is on the rise.

If reading about the volatility of crypto currencies this week has made you curious about the space… this Up & Down is for you.

Before you read this week’s Up & Down, there are 3 pro-tips you need to know:

  1. Crypto Curious: The “crypto-curious audience” is defined as people who don’t own cryptocurrency today but indicate either wanting to learn more about it and/or are planning to buy it soon. About 13% of adults in the US plan to buy cryptocurrency in the next 12 months (about 19.3 million people). …

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Momentum Maker, Author of Maximum Momentum, Founder & CEO of Decode_M

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