Direct to Avatar economy is comingđź‘›

The Direct to Consumer (DTC) business model forever changed how we shop, cutting out the middleman. The next evolution of sales channels will bypass humans completely, selling straight to our avatars instead.

Before we dive in… here are the terms you need to know:


Direct to Avatar (D2A) is gaining momentum and our digital lives will never be the same.

Luxury brands across verticals are leading the future of the D2A movement.

One thing is clear, the current Direct to Consumer (D2C) model of manufacturers selling directly to consumers is now table stakes.

If you want to engage people in the metaverse, you should prepare for a new model, Direct to Avatar. D2A refers to an emerging business model where brands and creators can sell their products directly to a person’s virtual avatar (digital identity).


The concept of DTC — it is now a ubiquitous part of consumer’s lives.


Brands & businesses outside of luxury leaning into the D2A movement leveraging all 5 Drivers of momentum

1. Disruption: D2A is the new D2C — brands can now go straight to consumers’ virtual identities, bypassing their physical beings

2. Innovation: Digital product innovation with D2A allows for infinite creativity because anything is possible in the digital realm. Creating brand FOMO in the metaverse requires even more creativity than in the physical world

3. Polarization: Brands are leveraging D2A to reach the niche affinity group of consumers already engaging in the metaverse

4. Stickiness: D2A brands can help consumers tell their personal story / express themselves in the metaverse

5. Social Impact: Inclusive and adaptive → everyone has the ability to participate. Anyone can pull off wearing digital clothing, acquire aspirational brands, and be who they feel they really are without limits or restraints.

WATCHOUT: Uncanny Valley Theory…

(The one phrase we didn’t warn you about at the start…)

Best Days Ahead,



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