The 5 Strategies Every Master of Momentum Knows

How to shift to a Momentum Mindset and win in the Momentum World

Illustration by: Kate Strassman

The Actions that Create Momentum

A Formula for the Momentum Mindset

Illustration by: Decode_M
  1. Polarization: Discussions powered by strong points of view, or even controversy are good
  2. Innovation: Create something new and/or improved in a way that creates FOMO, people want to constantly be part of what you are creating
  3. “Sticky” Issue: Being memorable in an unexpected way
  4. Disruption: Challenging and changing the game
  5. Social Impact: Connecting to a larger purpose

Decoding Data into Momentum

CBD Acceptance: a Study in Momentum

Illustration by: Kate Strassman

Key Insights

Momentum Lesson



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Mike Berland

Momentum Maker, Author of Maximum Momentum, Founder & CEO of Decode_M