Graphic by Kate Strassman

Momentum for Vote by mail surges

Are Americans too scared to vote?

Six months before the presidential election on November 3, America is having a serious conversation about HOW we’re going to vote, which is gaining as much momentum as WHO we are going to vote for.

  • INNOVATION: Implement our first country-wide vote-by-mail system. We have tried a number of new processes as we’ve been sheltering at home that have exceeded our expectations. Voting by mail might be the next one.
  • POLARIZATION: The “fraud vs. safety” debate is healthy as it gets more people engaged in the topic of voting by mail
  • STICKY: Creating inclusivity in the voting system for the first time will leave a lasting impact on society.
  • SOCIAL IMPACT: Voting by mail will create a truly representative 2020 election because voters will feel safe participating in it.
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