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Fourth of July 2020: A day of independence or another day of limitations?

How the 4th of July is hitting the 5 Drivers of Momentum this year


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Here’s how the 4th of July is hitting the 5 Drivers of Momentum this year:

  • Disruption: Now with uncertainty about the state of COVID-19 and whether or not we’ll re-enter another strict lockdown, 4th of July’s day full of socializing and celebrations will end up just being another day of lock down. Lean into this disruption by taking the time to learn, read or engage in meaningful conversations.
  • Innovation: JOMO (the Joy of Missing Out) is the new FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) for 4th of July, 2020. In years past, 4th of July is highly anticipated with celebratory parades and parties with friends and family. This year, with limited options and canceled events, Americans will have to rally and find more creative ways to enjoy the day. Think about parents who will have to find ways for kids to enjoy it and feel special. Celebrating America and patriotism for our country will be more introspective than in years past.
  • Polarization: July 4th is sparking heightened debate this year, even causing some brands to question how, if at all, they should acknowledge the holiday through marketing and social media. Political identity is influencing how Americans feel about the country. According to a recent Gallup study, Republicans are more likely to say they are “extremely” proud of being an American than Democrats. Some say the heart of the debate is whether being American depends on who you are — such as being an English speaker — or on what you believe — such as valuing freedom or equality.
  • Sticky: The reflection and introspection happening this July Fourth is helping to maintain momentum for black lives matter and racial equity. This year, July Fourth will be particularly sticky because we are continuing to question and evolve our American values.
  • Social impact: “There is no more patriotic an act than protecting the lives of everyone in the country” (NYT). We’ve always decked out in 4th of July gear to celebrate the holiday. This year, wearing a 4th of July themed mask will mean more than just showing pride for our country. It will be a signal of respect to other Americans and an investment in the health and prosperity of our country.
  • American pride and values
  • Health and safety
  • Black Lives Matter and Racial Equity
  • The future state of our country and their business / brand



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Mike Berland

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