Female Entrepreneurs are on the Rise

  • 55% of the workers who’ve gone independent since 2020 are women
  • 31% of U.S. small businesses and franchises are owned by women
  • 43% of the world’s entrepreneurs are women
  • 17% of black women are currently starting or running new businesses
  • Greater control & flexibility in terms of where and when we work:
  • Working moms Asya Geller and Talia Friedman left long careers at Sotheby’s to start Werkzy after the pandemic showed them their need for flexible schedules and control over their day-to-day lives.
  • Martha Palacio was experiencing job burnout when she made the decision to create virtual fitness studio Social Joy: One of her members noted, “Without this moment we are living in, solopreneurs like Martha would never have made this shift, and would never have had me — and lots of other people like me — as customers.”
  • Tamika Scriven turned her love of wigmaking into a business during quarantine, bravely launching Allure Wigs in spite of the historic recession. Scriven says, “My mom had been at the same company for almost 20 years, and what did she get in the end? A small severance check…I want to be in control of what happens in my life, professionally and financially.”
  1. Disruption: Women once had to choose between having a life, a family & a career… now, many are working on their own terms to make it happen.
  2. Innovation: Tech innovations like Shopify, Insta shopping, and online resources/courses are enabling female entrepreneurs to thrive and oftentimes start businesses without the capital that they are so often denied.
  3. Polarization: Empowering vs. overwhelming — Sole proprietorship is not the solution for everyone… Starting a business is daunting and risky. Many find less stress in the stability of a corporate job.
  4. Stickiness: Flexible work schedules are here to stay, especially for mothers — the prioritization of performance rather than face time is key.
  5. Social Impact: Entrepreneurship is becoming more accessible & inclusive — many female founders are driven to help other women overcome traditional barriers to starting a business.



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Mike Berland

Mike Berland

Momentum Maker, Author of Maximum Momentum, Founder & CEO of Decode_M