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Elon Musk Plays the Crypto Curious

Momentum for “crypto curious” is on the rise.

ON THE UP: The Crypto Curious

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DISRUPTION: Crypto investors have been investing in various coins as an asset class for years. Now Gemini is helping users actually spend it as a currency at retailers with Apple Pay and Google Pay.

INNOVATION: Gemini is leaning into gamification to help educate the crypto curious on how it works.

POLARIZATION: One of the great debates among the crypto curious is the benefits of centralized vs. decentralized cryptocurrencies.

STICKINESS: The Winklevoss twins are making a memorable name for themselves as pioneers and leaders in the crypto-world. In an industry known for being inherently volatile, the Winklevoss twins and Gemini promote stability and investing in Crypto for the long game.

SOCIAL IMPACT: Elon Musk drove yet another polarizing conversation about Crypto when he tweeted about the damaging effects of crypto mining on the environment. Other cryptocurrency industry leaders jumped in to counter his argument.

ON THE DOWN: Private permission blockchains for enterprises.

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