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Despite All Odds, Masks have become a Symbol of Unity

Why “Masks” have momentum while “national mandate for masks” do not.

The Up: Masks in the COVID Quarter

Here’s how masks hit all 5 drivers of momentum:

  • Disruption: In the early days of COVID-19 everything was locked down and people rarely left their homes. Masks disrupted that — enabling us to resume some of our daily activities. First, they enabled essential workers and people required to be in the office to effectively and safely do their jobs. Then they allowed individuals to feel safe visiting friends and family, dine outside, go for runs and even travel.
  • Innovation: In just a few short months, masks have evolved. Simple disposable masks used to be the only available option. Now we have options that fit everyday needs so they more seamlessly fit into our lifestyle: “breathable” masks for workouts from brands like Adidas, Reebok and Under Armour; sustainable masks from Avocado (DTC Bcorp mattress brand); functional & fashionable mask chains from brands like Donni; playful prints on kid friendly masks like the ones created by Crayola.
  • Polarization: The debate around masks has become highly political. President Trump never took a definitive stance on the matter; initially refusing to wear a mask validated the anti-mask movement. Now the question is: is a mask an enabler of our freedom or is it taking our freedom of choice and liberty away?
  • Social Impact: Wearing a mask has become a symbol that you care about others — your friends, family, community. You are doing your part to flatten the curve during this pandemic. The CDC states that “a mask may not protect the wearer, but it may keep the wearer from spreading the virus to others.”
  • Stickiness: Masks have gone from an imposition and burden to something many of us don’t feel comfortable being without. They’ve worked their way into our new daily routines. Every morning, we (try to) remember our cell phones, keys and wallets. Now we don’t leave the house without our masks.

The Down: A National Mask Mandate

The takeaway:

We’ll leave you with 3 key momentum lessons:

  1. Lean into stickiness: align yourself with movements that have momentum. Masks are here to stay.
  2. Don’t be afraid to polarize: have a POV and take a stance on something you believe in.
  3. Disrupt the status quo: try doing the opposite of what’s expected.

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Mike Berland

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