Back to Black Friday

Nothing says the holidays like getting into the spirit with in-person Black Friday Sales.

Last year, we made the gifting season work with a bit of distance, a lot of pivoting and internet elves working overtime. There was a lot of online shopping, and no holiday cheer. Black Friday sales were down by 20%.

You might not know your exact Thanksgiving plans yet…but start making your Black Friday plans now!!! Stores will be open and ready to welcome you back.

There is already momentum for the holiday season — fueled by in-person and omni-channel shopping and a refreshing sense of optimism.


Getting in the holiday spirit via in-person shopping. Holiday joy is back! In fact, it’s already started.

Here is the 2021 holiday season by the numbers:

Retailers are already gaining momentum for their in-person holiday initiatives:


Limiting your Holiday shopping and socializing to online


Companies & brands can leverage momentum for the holiday spirit using the 5 drivers:

Best Days Ahead,



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Mike Berland

Momentum Maker, Author of Maximum Momentum, Founder & CEO of Decode_M