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Momentum for sports betting is back and is the future of entertainment. Why? Sports betting has all the elements that engage viewers: gamification, fandom, community, fast paced, adrenaline rush of real time wages, endless opportunities (you can bet on anything) and mobile friendly (iGaming).

Graphic by K8 Strassman

It’s [gonna be] May… but we’re already seeing momentum for Holiday Season 2021.

Never too early to start planning for the holidays!

No, we don’t mean Memorial Day and the 4th of July… if you haven’t planned your summer holiday travel yet, might be too late… We gave you the heads up in December that 2021 would bring a summer of travel!

Why does the 2021 holiday season have momentum now? We are seeing a major shift in consumer sentiment, from people seeing light at the end of the tunnel to people feeling the light on them. Thanks to all…

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Gen Z is the momentum generation. They are never satisfied with the status quo or the way things have been done. They are in a constant state of evolution — taking nothing at face value and never satisfied with leaving something the same for a long period of time.

To keep themselves stimulated, engaged, connected and in a constant state of transformation, they’ve turned everything into a game.

Just when you thought it couldn’t go higher, momentum for Video Games rose from an MFactor of 62 in February 2021 to a 76 this week. Even Deloitte is starting to catch…

4/20 (the day dedicated to celebrating cannabis) is fast approaching… This year, more folks than usual have cannabis on the brain.

What was once an underground holiday for a niche audience of avid cannabis consumers is now known–and celebrated–by the masses. Its mass is surging from a low of 40 in September to 65 this week.

Why? Momentum for “legalizing cannabis” is surging, up from a low of 40 in January to 54 this month — spurred by New York becoming the 15th state to legalize recreational cannabis.

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What’s behind the momentum?

Graphic by K8 Strassman

It’s Masters weekend, making golf top of mind for many… What’s not yet in the mainstream? The way golf apparel is getting streetwearified. This emerging trend, also known as Golfcore (Golf x Streetwear), is heightening the heritage of golf and making golf accessible / relatable to a new & more diverse demographic.

With early / emerging trends like Golfcore (Golf x Streetwear), we break down its momentum in terms of Mass (awareness + reach) and Velocity (engagement + polarization).

We know a trend / movement like Golfcore (Golf x Streetwear) is about to take off when its velocity is surging…

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The latest craze among young digital contrarians is Dispo, the “anti-Instagram” photo sharing app that surged in momentum because of early interest by Gen Z and venture capital investors. The concept of “anti-apps” is hot now. We saw this with momentum for Clubhouse, the “anti-podcast”.

Invite-only “anti-apps” like Dispo are becoming popular among Gen Z because of this generation’s desire to disrupt previous generations and do things their own way. These digital natives grew up with their face in a phone and are enamored with the idea of disconnecting (without completely disconnecting) from the pressures of social media.

Dispo is…

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The horrific Atlanta area shootings among other acts of violence against the AAPI community are shining a light on anti-Asian sentiment — serving as a catalyst for a national cry for change.

Now there is a surge in momentum to #StopAsianHate. Last week’s tragedy fueled the all-time high MFactor of 68.

Graphic by K8 Strassman

Momentum for “women in music” is on the UP driven by a new generation of Gen Z female artists who are completely disrupting the male-dominated pop music industry. K-pop boy band BTS aside… Gen Z women are dominating the music industry and pop culture at large.

Gen Z women in music are the voice of their generation. Because they can be DTC with their community via social media, they are having a significant impact as they interact with their followers openly, honestly, and frequently. …

Graphic by K8 Strassman

To swap or not to swap… The latest innovation driving the future of transportation is swappable batteries.

If you think the “vehicles” behind electric vehicles (EVs) are driving the future of mobility, you’re already behind the curve. It’s not a question of rethinking the “vehicle”… it’s the “electric” part and HOW we power them.

ON THE UP: Swappable Batteries

Graphic by K8 Strassman


Since the start of the new year, we’ve seen exciting shake-ups in the investment and trading world. First meme stocks, (GameStop anyone?) then the rise of SPACs.

Now NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) are seeing a surge in momentum as crypto currency becomes more widely accepted and NFTs become easier to ‘mint’, buy and trade.

Pro-tip: Non Fungible Tokens (i.e. not interchangeable, one-of-a-kind) are a digital asset that can be purchased with a cryptocurrency which allows people and brands to create, buy and trade digital works no one can steal or counterfeit. …

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Momentum Maker, Author of Maximum Momentum, Founder & CEO of Decode_M

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