We’re still seeing the aftermath of the Great Disruption — and one shockwave that continues to ripple through corporate America is the disproportionate number of women who left the workforce during the pandemic.

But where are all these women going?

One movement bubbling under the surface & starting to gain…

Nothing says the holidays like getting into the spirit with in-person Black Friday Sales.

Last year, we made the gifting season work with a bit of distance, a lot of pivoting and internet elves working overtime. There was a lot of online shopping, and no holiday cheer. …

Pre-pandemic, NYC sidewalks were best known for their trash, smells, cracks, rodents, and crowds.

During quarantine, eating outside became a sanity savior. NYC streets and sidewalks sprouted al fresco dining oases that evoked everything from the Greek Isles to floral fairylands.

As indoor dining moved outdoors, streeteries and streetscaping took…

New expectations for Corporate Social Impact…

Pre-pandemic… social impact was called “corporate social responsibility”. The expectation was environmentalism & sustainability initiatives. Now those initiatives are table stakes.

The new Social Impact = Company Purpose. Social impact requires going a step further and having a story behind the initiative that connects…

Graphic by K8 Strassman

People are getting more comfortable with remote work — there has been nearly a 40% increase in the percentage of workers who wish to remain fully remote.

More importantly, we look to the Up and Down to tell us what is UP, what is DOWN and what is NEXT.

What’s on the UP is that people are getting comfortable with remote work. What is driving it is unexpected and will require a different solution than sanitation and…

Graphic by K8 Strassman

Micro-investing is the latest fintech disruption democratizing the money world… this is not old school Wall Street.

WHAT’S UP: Micro-investing is on the rise. This movement is bringing financial literacy and empowerment to a more diverse (and younger) audience.

Investing & saving money is the latest to get micro-sized. Micro-investing…

Mike Berland

Momentum Maker, Author of Maximum Momentum, Founder & CEO of Decode_M

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